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Humanitarian Crises and Development

Panel 2. Humanitarian Space: Representations and Aesthetics. - Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi and Emily Bauman
Panel 4. Young people in humanitarian crises - Cecile de Milliano
Panel 5. Mainstreaming Migration and Displacement in the Development Agenda - Nassim Majidi and Hervé Nicolle
Panel 6. Protecting the Unprotected - Third Generation Human Rights - Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielboerger; Robin Ramsahye
Panel 7. Provincialising Humanitarianism - Bertrand Taithe
Panel 8. Socio-economic recovery in fragile settings - Dorothea Hilhorst
Panel 10. When does conflict end – revisiting relief and development in conflicts - Dan Maxwell, Leben Moro, Dyan Mazurana, Teddy Atim, Thea Hilhorst, Aembe Bwimana, Babar Shahbaz, Vagisha Gunasekara, Bishnu Upreti, Ed Bell
Panel 11. Transitional Justice and Humanitarian Spaces - Christopher Lamont

Conflict and Humanitarianism

Panel 16. Historical Perspectives on Conflict and Humanitarianism - Newby Andrew & Götz Norbert
Panel 17. Human Rights in Humanitarian Crises - Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielboerger; Prof. Dr. Mark Dawson; Charlotte Lülf
Panel 21. Protection and humanitarian action: Developments and challenges - Enrique Eguren (University of Deusto) and Dr. Cristina Churruca (University of Deusto)
Panel 22. (Re)Defining Humanitarianism - Henry Radice
Panel 24. Social capital's potential to boost aid effectiveness in disaster response, especially protracted conflict-based crises - Prof. Daniel Aldrich, Dr. Robert Smith; Additional panelist: Dr. Seun Kolade
Panel 25. Conflict and Hunger: the 2015 GHI - Alex de Waal
Panel 26. Where disaster meets conflict - Dorothea Hilhorst and Roanne van Voorst
Panel 27. Gender, Sexuality and Violence in humanitarian crises - Dorothea Hilhorst, Dyan Mazurana and Teddy Atim
Panel 28. Human Rights and Humanitarianism in Multidimensional Peacekeeping - Abou Jeng - The Centre for Research, Development and Social Justice Advocacy (CreSpsa)

The Implications of Climate Change for Humanitarian Studies

Panel 29. Approaches to Enhancing Community Resilience - Cecile de Milliano

New Partnerships; New Technologies; Professionalism in Crisis Response

Panel 31. Locally-led Humanitarian Action: The future, or folly? - Tara Gingerich and Marc Cohen
Panel 32. Lessons learned from the Ebola crisis - Katrin Radtke
Panel 33. Big Data, Modern Technology and Aid Solutions - Andrej Zwitter, Philipp Olbrich
Panel 35. Urban Preparedness and Resilience - Pat Gibbons; Joost Herman; Siswanto Wilopo; Cristina Churruca-Muguruza; Hans-Joachim Heintze; Ronan McDermott
Panel 36. 'Doing what works?' Reflections on humanitarian effectiveness - Humanitarian Affairs Team, Save the Children UK
Panel 37. Enhancing Role of Private Sector in Child Centered Disaster Risk Reduction - All India Disaster Mitigation Institute and Red R India
Panel 38. Lessons learnt from responding to citizen feedback in fragile and conflict-affected settings: Potential applications for humanitarian settings - Alyoscia D’Onofrio, Guillaume Labrecque, International Rescue Committee and Pieternella Pieterse, University of Limerick
Panel 40. Managing Humanitarian Work without Access - Dennis Dijkzeul and Leith Baker
Panel 41. Humanitarian Security in the age of risk management - Michaël Neuman and Fabrice Weissman
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