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New Partnerships; New Technologies; Professionalism in Crisis Response

1. Restoring Trust: Participatory action research approaches to building community-centered maternal health services in the wake of Ebola - Theresa Jones, Kelvin Koffa Kun, Rene Loewenson, Lara Ho
2. Research ethics in times of Ebola - Doris Schopper, Raffaella Ravinetto, Lisa Schwartz , Sunita Sheel, Angus Dawson, Michael Selgelid, Aasim Ahmad, Amar Jesani, Jerome Singh, Ross Upshur
3. Self coordination at a national scale – the role of NGO led Consortia during the Ebola epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone - Laura Miller
4. Ebola: beyond the health emergency - Dr Jacqui Gallinetti and Mary Lagaay
5. Civil-military relations and Ebola – experiences from Germany - Katrin Radtke and Lena Bledau
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Last update:  14:10 26/04 2013