Proposed Panels/Papers:

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Panel 1. International Law of Humanitarian Action and Human Security - Andrej Zwitter, Emilie Kuijt, Stefanie Jansen
Panel 3. New Challenges to Food Security - Ian Christoplos, Susanne Jaspars, Adam Pain
Panel 4. Humanitarian Principles and the New Humanitarians - Zeynep Sezgin & Dennis Dijkzeul
Panel 7. Human Security Reconsidered: Is there a Shift to the Local - Convenors: Debiel, Tobias / Chandler, David / Brock, Lothar
Panel 8. Human Security and Humanitarian Practices - Convenors: Debiel, Tobias / Chandler, David / Brock, Lothar
Panel 10. Turkey Knowledge Sharing on New Players in Humanitarian Area - Zeynep M. Turkmen Sanduvac Civil Society Disaster Platform ( CSDP) - Dr. Meera Sethi, International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Panel 19. Access, Alienation, and Acceptance - Larissa Fast and Antonio Donini
Panel 20. UNCHR and the Struggle for Accountability: an examination of parallel regimes - Janmyr Maja; Katja Lindskov jacobsen; Kristin Bergtora Sandvik
Panel 21. Why do Humanitarian Standards Matter? - Tzvetomira LAUB
Panel 22. The diverse situated practices of global humanitarian ideas - Jon Harald Jon Harald Sande Lie
Panel 25. Humanitarian Drones? A Discussion of Emergent Issues - Kristin Bergtora Sandvik ( PRIO and Centre Director, Norwegian Centre for Humanitarian Studies) and Kjersti Lohne (University of Oslo)
Panel 26. Humanitarianism in Urban Violence: A Human Security Lens - Kevin Savage, World Vision International and Ronak Patel, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative
Panel 27. New Challenges or The Challenge of the New? The organisational and institutional dynamics of humanitarian learning - Reid-Henry Simon (QMUL) Sending, Ole Jacob (NUPI) and Savage, Kevin (WVI)
Panel 29. Climate Change, Migration and Conflict: Humanitarian Perspectives and Responses - Kerstin Rosenow-Williams, Pierre Thielbörger
Panel 30. When Is a Crisis a Crisis? Or Which Factors Explain Why and How a Situation Is Perceived As a Crisis? - Prof. Dr. Astrid Deuber-Mankowsky; Prof. Dr. Dennis Dijkzeul
Panel 32. Community Capacities for Disaster Risk Reduction - Emmanuel M. Luna and JC Gaillard
Panel 34. Political Economy of Disaster Management in South Asia - Tanaji Sen, Sheena Arora
Panel 37. Technology in the humanitarian sector - Urvashi Aneja; Emily Paddon
Panel 41. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Gender in Humanitarian Crises - Dr. Angela Raven-Roberts, Katharina Behmer
Panel 42. The Pathway to Professionalizing the Humanitarian Sector: Training and Certification of Humanitarian Responders - Kirsten Johnson MD, MPH, Anthony Ralston PhD, Jessica Camburn, Peter Walker PhD
Panel 43. Communities in Change: human security and social relations - Mike Hardy and Aurelie Broeckerhoff
Panel 48. Gendered violence and interventions - Dorothea Hilhorst and Hakan Seckinelgin
Panel 54. The Coming Anarchy : Somalia rebuilds - Steven Hansch
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